Alien on Film?


I know that I promised a blog on Bigfoot, but this alien film has to be spoken about.  If you haven’t heard, a man named Stan Romaneck has claimed to have true footage of an alien creature.  Romaneck claims that he thought that he had a peeping tom and set up a video camera to catch the lowlife who was looking in on his two teenage stepdaughters.  What he found was that he was being visited, yet again, by aliens and had captured one on film.  The official photo of the alien is above. The window is eight feet high which explains why all we see is the top of the head.  The aliens can only stretch their necks out so far (for proof, just go rent ET again). 

After seeing the image I have only three questions:

1.  Who would have thought that the aliens would look so much like Miss Piggy?

2.  Why would an advanced race or civilization need to look through the window?  You would think that if they could make it all the way here from a planet light years away that they would have binoculars or a telescope.

3.  Why is it that these things never happen in a place where a good picture can be taken?  Every time the aliens appear, it is to Uncle Pokey and his best friend Wienie, when they are out on a fishing trip drinking moonshine, rather than to the president.  It’s just a thought, but the aliens could make it a little easier on themselves.

All of this to say that while I don’t believe that this film is anything but either a mistake or a hoax.  While I do have a pretty carefully thought through theory about what constitutes the “Abduction Phenomenon,” I don’t think that what you see has anything to do with it.  What then are we to make of those who claim to have been abducted?  Some are experiencing sleep paralysis (google “old hag syndrome”), others have some serious mental problems, others (and there are many in this category) just like to make up stories.  Don’t believe those who say “they have no reason to make this up.” There are some who just like to be the center of attention and one way of getting this attention is claiming that some bizarre situation has happened to you.  But then there are those others, who are clearly not lying, experiencing mental difficulties or suffering from sleep paralysis.  What about those?  There are such people and I believe that they have experienced something real.  I’ll tell you what I think if you like, just let me know.  For now, however, I wouldn’t bet the farm on this image being a real alien.  Of course I could be wrong, in which case, can anyone lend me a Miss Piggy puppet?

Onward . . .