Peter Enns and WTS

Anyone who is at all connected to reformed theology has heard about the theological battle going on at Westminster Seminary.  The battle is over Dr. Peter Enns and a book that he published back in 2005.  While speculation runs rampant on the web, much of it pretty uncharitable, you might find two sites coming at the issue from different sides, informative if you desire to know more about this issue.  You can check out the list of comments put together by Brandon Witherow at You can also check out the comments at Scot McKnight’s blog where you will find a variety of comments, many from young people who fail to see the need for such a hard line stance on a confession rather than the Scripture.  You can find that discussion here If you are totally unfamiliar with the issue, I won’t point you to a general article, but advise you rather to spend your time reading something more profitable.