Software for Logos

Just so you know that I am still alive after yesterday (things always look worse the day and the day after they happen, I think) I thought I would give you some of the new books that I have been enjoying from Logos software. Of course I am a raving fan of Logos and think that all of the work that they do is simply wonderful. Every product that I have ever received from them has exceeded my expectations.

Logos has a different way of offering new products. It is called “Pre-Pub Specials.” What happens is that a product is offered at a substantial discount if a buyer is willing to commit to the product before it is actually in production. In this way the company can see if the demand will meet the costs for some of these obscure titles.

I have had a few of my pre-pubs come in lately:

The Cotton Patch Version– This is a particular version of the Bible which I have already blogged about so I won’t say any more about it here.

A Handbook of Classical Rhetoric in the Hellenistic Period. This is a wonderful collection of essays on rhetoric (public speaking and argumentation). There are articles on memory, the voice, gestures, as well as articles on the difference between Aristotle’s and Cicero’s style of speaking and teaching speaking.

Three things which I am really anxiously waiting for:

Jesus and the Victory of God by N. T. Wright. I still remember the day that I bought this book from the bookstore at Trinity. As I read it, my understanding of the New Testament was opened in a way that no other book has succeeded in doing. This is a masterpiece of biblical theology. Sure there are places that will make the evangelical nervous (I note them in my review of the book for JETS if you want to search it out), but this is a great book about what Jesus came to do, and what Jesus actually did. I am surprised that it has taken so long to get up to release point.

The JBL Collection. For $99.00 I feel like this is a steal. There are so many good articles in JBL (Journal of Biblical Literature) and to have them all searchable on ones own hard drive seems to me a treasure worth selling a piece of land for. This pre-pub has been particularly slow for some reason and I am just stunned about that.

The Lexham Discourse Greek New Testament. If you have been to the Logos site you will have seen my highest recommendation for this tool. I truly believe that this is going to be one of the most helpful tools for the pastor and the serious Bible student to come along in a very long time. Again, I don’t know why the pre-pub is taking so long.

Perhaps this post shows my impatience. It shows that I want it all right now and that I can’t be satisfied with the thousands of books that I have on Logos now and the thousands of books that I have on shelves in my office as I type this. I am looking for the next thing. I have a friend who is a marketer who told me that the average purchaer of a diet will buy another diet before the first one arrives in the mail. We all want our problems solved, our pain taken away, and we want it now.

That desire is not wrong. It’s just misplaced. A new book from Logos, or a new diet is not going to ultimately fill the void. The desire for perfection can only be filled by Christ and by the heavenly city. So now we wait, knowing that one day we move to a new apartment where the roof doesn’t leak, the neighbors aren’t noisy and the grass grows only as long as we want it to. A city that has no graveyards, hospitals, or funeral homes. A city of perfection which we long for now, but which we will get another day. And so we wait and try to make small things fill a big void, but deep down knowing that there will come a time when our longing will be met with fulfillment.

I long for that day. I hope you do. I hope that if you use Logos software it makes you love Christ more, praise God more, desire the Spirit more, and long for the new city more.

Onward to the city with no police,