Speaking this Week

I’ll be speaking Wednesday night, October 23 at Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church. The title of the message will be “All that I needed to learn, I learned in Vacation Bible School.” It will be a message on the closing story of the sermon on the mount; the house on the sand and the rock. If your life feels like you are without stability and you need to know what or whom you can really depend upon, come on over to 5555 North Federal Highway at 6:30. I know I need this message, and perhaps you do as well.

The message will be short (about 20 minutes) and will remind us all that there is only one rock and dependence upon anything else will ultimately be a failure. I’ll look forward to seeing you there.

If you’d like to learn about the sermon on the mount, a new book by Scot McKnight has just been published and I am enjoying it immensely. It not only deals with the grammatical topics raised in the sermon, but is full of practical advice about how to apply Jesus’ message to our own lives. I recommend it highly. You can get it from Amazon (and help out with the cost of the blog) by clicking below.

Sermon on the Mount (Story of God Bible Commentary, The)

I’m teaching Sunday School regularly now and will be putting up the topics for discussion each week. I’ll put up this week’s topic tomorrow.